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Has anyone else filed a case agaist the city?

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 01, 2007 7:55 am    Post subject: Has anyone else filed a case agaist the city? Reply with quote

Most lawyers wiull say you can not sue the City but they are lying. This is America and you can sue anyone. The City is supposed to inspect houses for saftey before they are sold. I filed a lawsuit myself.

Exhibits Explained April 6, 2007

I deeply regret that I was not able to file these papers before the deadline, but my health from the mold has made me very sick and I have been having problems getting medical records, as my doctors have relocated. I'm suffering from chronic fatigue and I believe the mold has followed me to my trailer, as I have tested the trailer and there is mold in the trailer. I have been thinking about moving again as doctor Kronburg Has suggested. I need to get into a clean environment. The weather has changed and I am getting more fresh air and feeling better, but reading Warrens Lawyers reply was very depressing. He seems to have no empathy for those who are sick and dying. I am concerned about the people on http:\\ From reading their Blogs, I can see them getting sicker and sicker from the mold. Someone needs to look up But2fly1's IP address, find out their real name and see if they are still alive. If not, then some Doctors and Lawyers need to be charged with murder. I have some of But2fly1 post as item #1. Sorry for the smudged pages my printer is on the blink, its not mold, just ink. Please forgive my grammar and spelling. Spell Check was used.

Just about everyone I talk to, told me to sue the former homeowner as if they were mold experts and doctors who should have known their house had mold and that it would make people sick. Lawyers like to sue former homeowner's because they have no money or power to flight back. I called the Macomb County health department and talk to their toxicologist and the supervisor and they don't even know mold can make people sick. I cannot sue the insurance company because the mold was in the house before bought it. I cannot sue HUD because they are in business of selling houses, not inspecting them. They say I could look to the Yellow Pages and found my own house inspector, who would be more reliable, smarter, knowledgeable, trustworthy and honest than the five city workers who would be inspecting it. It's all my fault because I trusted the city inspectors. Why are we paying city inspectors? It seems that everyone believes that city's inspectors are a bunch of crooked morons, even the lawyers and the judges. When I did call up experts out of the Yellow Pages they didn't seem like experts. There is a blue fluorescent light that can be used to make mold glow and become more visible. None of the mold inspectors I called had one. They can teach a dog to smell for mold and explosives than they can train a dog to sniff out mold between walls, floors and hidden places. Mold only grows in dark places and the only way to find it is destructive investigation.
New ways to look for mold needs to be invented. A small hole can be drilled and air sucked into a filter with a vacuum pump. They make these pumps and they are cheap compared to what we spend on health care cost. It should be mandatory that every child with asthma as the home inspecting for mold. If a man goes to a doctor for complete physical, the doctor claims he's doing fine, and he dies of a heart attack on his way out the door, and the doctor claims checking for heart problems was not part of the physical, then that doctor should be sued. Especially, if it was it easy test for heart condition and the doctor just said, "I didn't feel like doing the test, putting a stethoscope in my ears is just too much trouble". City inspectors are not mold experts but they should know more than former homeowner's and there are classes that they can take for $2000 to make them experts and you only need to send one of the five. Somebody tried to tell me that thus city inspectors only check to make sure the building is structurally sound. It reminds me of that racist Polish joke about how many it takes to change a lightbulb. How many City inspectors does it take to make sure a house is structurally sound? Five, because at any given time, four them are drunk, laying on the ground and the house is spinning. The bottom line is, when city inspectors pass a house, then all former owners are off the hook, as far as problems with the house. Blight court was a good idea, but it does nothing to rid the toxic mold in homes.
Water is not the problem, mold and wood rot is. The history Channel did a story on 3,000 year old mummies in museums. These mummies were in caves for 3000 years without getting mold. As they put them in museums with air-conditioning and humidity control under 50 percent, with no water infiltration or water leaks, the mummies started to get moldy from what they call, "household mold". That tells me you do not need water leaks to get mold. If you take a new piece of wood and a piece of wood out of my house, put water on them, the new piece of wood will not get mold. The piece from my house will be covered with mold. What saved my life is the humidifier. It was dry in the house from the furnace and I used a humidifier to bring the humidity to 40 percent. That is what made the mold visible. When I turned off the humidifier, most of the mold disappeared. Mold is not supposed to grow until the humidity is above 60 percent. I believe the mold is adapting to Darwin's theory of evolution and some species are starting to grow in houses with as little as 20 to 40 percent humidity. The house is toxic, the house needs to be studied at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars, then the house need to be torn down or remediate.
After going to the emergency room with a severe eye infection, I seen another Dr. Soloman an eye doctor for follow up, Item #2. I requested a teardrop culture from Dr. Soloman at that time, but he refused to give one, claiming those test are not that accurate. I am sure the culture is more accurate, than him guessing, what the infection is. This doctor relocated shortly after treating me. It is almost as if these people do not want to know, for fear they might be called into court and torn into pieces by the lawyers. We all know Anna Nicole Smith died by the pharmaceutical company's mold, but I am sure the doctor fears lawsuits from pharmaceutical companies, more than he fears God or any consequences from the Courts. The idea she died from a dirty needle with all her money, is just ridiculous. I believe these doctors should be charged with crimes against humanity. The infection in my eye could have been very contagious, that could have spread to thousands. Mold is used for biological weapons. If terrorist used biological and germ warfare against us, half of us would be dead before they noticed. These doctor's fear the persecution from lawyers more than the outbreak of a disease. Thousands could have been helped by discovering the cause of my eye infection, rather than just treating it and hoping others will get the same infection, creating more business for them. Mr. Stern refuses to take a DNA test to prove he is the father of Anna Nicole Smith's child and I believe, that is proof, that he is not the father. The doctors refused to do a teardrop culture and this is proof to me, that they know it is a fungus infection, caused by the mold in my house. I do not know why both of these eye doctors refused to do teardrop samples, perhaps you can call them and suggest they do in the future, because the refusal to do the testing, is proof that it is a fungus infection. Perhaps they fear it is a military grade of biological weapons that the government is using on us and they do not want the special police using it on them.

The case is too much for me and I have been trying to find a lawyer to handle it for me, but I have found none. The lawyers claim that it is a losing case, because you cannot sue the city. Some claimed, I cannot sue because the statue limitations is up. Some of claimed I cannot prove the mold was in my house before 1993. They tell me there is no case, before they have heard the whole story. First of all, mold is not the only issue I am suing about. It is called "sick building syndrome" SBS and it's a mixture of the mold, the lead in the city water intake line, the toxic asbestos that was on the furnace and also may be in the tile floor and the outer layer of siding. I have not found anyone willing to test it. The siding has to be removed to see what's under it and this could contaminate the environment. Also the City police refused to investigate the threat, that someone was going to shunt toxic gas into my house, Item #3 Page 3 line 10, Page 4 line 19, Page 3 line 10, Page 6 line 18. I not sure they did, but I think they knew the house was toxic. If Saddam Used Gas on the Kurds, then our secret police are using it on what they call "enemies of the State". Because they do not want to pay me what I want for my Job injury. I want every penny workers compensation makes. I don't think they should profit and protect Industry, while people are injured. It's not just about the money.

The house was not to code when it pasted inspection. A asphalt roof was put on over a wood shake shingle roof, which they knew from experience would get water infiltration and moldy, Item #4. Also City code needs to change. No house should have more then one layer of siding. No one know what's going on Between the layers. Some have the theory that encasing the mold and asbestos keeps it from entering the enivrement but that only lets it fester and degrade more. Further, putting water tight siding over wood shake, seals in the moisture causing the wood to rot and mold. The aluminium siding was put on wrong by the bottom trim overlapping the side trim allowing water infiltration. I do not need to prove the mold was in the house before 1993. The roof was covered with asphalt shingles. That means the old wood shake shingles were deteriorating. Mold is not the issue. Rotting wood means there are microorganisms eating it, according to Dr Mark Banner the Microbiologist. No one replaces a roof unless the shingles are deteriorating and with wood shake shingles, that means mold and rot. The asphalt shingles were put on before 1993, that means the mold and rot was there too. It's just common sense. That same wood shake shingle roof has been on that house since it was built in 1934 and the asphalt was put on sometimes afterwards and before 1993. It does not make sense to put a new roof on a old rotting one, nor does it make sense to put on a new roof if there is nothing wrong with the old one. It had to be rotting. The same with the siding. They would have never replaced the siding if it was perfectly like new. It had to be old and rotting. It is unfortunate the City did not make them remove the old rotting stuff before putting on the new. The statue limitations should start at the time I realize mold and toxins in the house was affecting my health, not the time I purchased the house. The Government can not sell a house they know is toxic, without disclosing its toxic flaws, by using a law that they can not be sued. It is unconstitutional. The City let me move into a house that they knew was toxic. In my original complaint letter in 1993 I complained that they were making me replace a furnace that a licensed furnace man repaired. They would not tell me why they wanted me to replace it. Now I know why. Because it had toxic asbestos on the heating ducts. The water line to the street is a toxic lead pipe, they never told me about and I drank the water. They think they don't have too tell me, because they can not be sued anyway. They were fooled by the former owner who painted the galvanized water pipes, so that the house passed inspection two years before I bought it. I was fooled too. The pipes looked like new with the silver paint on them, but when I took them apart, I seen the paint and the inside of the pipes were rusty, moldy and filled with scum. The house has three layers of siding. The first layer of siding is wood shake shingles. The second layer is a type of particle board shingle that may contain asbestos. I've tried to get inspectors to test it, but they claimed they know by looking at it, that there is no asbestos or toxins in it. It needs to be tested.

I had another eye problem. My eyeball was bruised, painful and bloody and I went to a different eye doctor, Item #5. I also requested a teardrop sample to see what microorganism was infecting it. Now you would think to satisfy my anxiety, that the doctor would fill my request. A teardrop sample consist of taking a cue tip in the corner of my eye, and place in it on a culture, to see what microorganisms grow in it. I have done a similar test myself and have found it positive for mold hype as I have my own microscope. I knew this test would not satisfy a Judge or jurors and this is why I wanted a doctor to perform the test. However, on both eye infections no doctor would do it. It's as if they do not want to find out what it is. Then almost as if out of spite he wrote on the scrip "no Infection, no ulcer". To claim there is no infraction or mold without doing a test, is like the guy who wants to claim he is the father of Nicole Smith's child without doing the DNA test. Probably fears going to court and be torn into pieces by the lawyers more than anything else. This is why I cannot get them to perform the test I need. I'm going to base my case on common sense more than Based on test by so-called experts. The experts seem to be a Joke.

I have one expert who seems to have more expertise than anyone else. Because he is a college professor that teaches and lectures at major Universities. Therefore, all the doctors and lawyers who go to college to get an education, have probably sat in on one of his lectures, or perhaps one of their professors who taught them sat in on one of his lectures, on how there is no evidence that mold is toxic to humans. He is an expert and sits on the board of several organizations. Is a successful businessman. He is an expert in communications and holds many degrees. However, no one seems to understand that his successful business is a bamboo and wood industry in Malaysia and that he is also a government official there. He is trying to protect his nation's interest with his bias and conflict of interest opinions. Many industries in United States work that way. This is how they stay in business. The businessman sends his children off to school to become doctors and lawyers and especially lawyers to protect his business against lawsuits. The children of businessmen become professors and teachers, but all them conflict of interest, as they teach in a university to protect the family fortunes. Sure, anyone who wants more than two cents for a job injury as a paranoid psychotic schizophrenic according to the professor at the University, who happens to be the son of a major industrial Company. They have thousands of job injuries each year, as their profits keep climbing, the more they can convince society that the man with a injury has a mental illness.

The mold help Mold Help I mentioned in previous statements has been hacked by communications expert. With the "who is" search engine, I was able to trace the hacker to Malaysia. The hacker does not want people learning about toxic mold. The name on the ISP number is the same name of a college professor who owns the bamboo industry in Malaysia. "Who is" search engine advises us not to contact these hackers as they are indeed "criminals". Therefore any expert, Dr., Lawyer, Judge, anyone who went to college to get an education, was basically taught what he knows, by a criminal.

I have included a copy of the E-mail from Kelvin Riley the head of the northern branch of the FBI, who claims he was going to shut me in my religion down, Item #6. Because of my religious belief, that when a man loses an arm on the job, the lawyer should lose one of his arms, if he thinks industry should still in business and making a profit, after a man loses an arm on the job. When I was four years old, I came out of shopping center and I seen a man with no arms. He had two pencils and two pennies in his cup and NOT even one person cared. Everyone was brainwashed into believing he was cursed by God. Because they went to church and that is what they were taught by the Priest, who got the majority of his donations from the same industry, with the stamping press, that this man lost his arms on. I look forward to the judgment day and the revolution, when a man walks outside shopping center and sees a lawyer sitting on the ground begging for money. He will be saying, "I did not believe a man should be paid $1 billion for the loss of his arm, so my right arm was severed. After losing my right arm, I still believed industry should make a profit and so the soldiers of Christ severed my left arm and now NO ONE cares and I am armless." Note the date on Kelvin Riley e-mail. I also included the AOL chat logs of the conversations with Kelvin Riley's girlfriend, Cassie Brendan and Kelvin's Riley's work buddy, who claims Kelvin Riley killed Cassie Brandon, because she warned me of the FBI plot to shun toxic gas into my home. The gas that Saddam Hussein used to kill the Kurds was made from the mycotoxins of mold. Although this conspiracy sounds unbelievable, you have to look at the fax of why the United States is such a great country.

The reason why the United States is so powerful, is because we killed the Indians and stole their land. We have held our power because we enslaved the blacks. When the blacks tried to escape they cut off their heads and put their severed heads on a pole to send a message to other blacks, that if they tried to escape slavery, they also will lose their head. Now you might say this was a long time ago and that we have changed to become a civilized society. But there's no statue limitations on murder and no one has ever been charged for killing black men back in the 1800's. Their children and grandchildren are still profiting by the education their fathers made off of slavery and stealing Indians land. We want to be civilized, but we do not wanted to do the right thing and give the Indians back their land, nor do we want to pay the blacks for their suffering. We want to apologize and call it even. The children and grandchildren of these evildoers still owned businesses and corporations off of the blood of the blacks and the Indians. There are people in power in the United States who do not care how many Americans die, they put profits first. When skyscrapers were built they knew that a human would die for each floor of the building, they built it anyway. Before the war in Iraq, they knew Americans would die, but they started the war anyway. There are people in the Pentagon who were celebrating the deaths of 3,200 Americans because they have calculated that they might loss 10,000 Americans before they even started the war. They call it collateral damage. If they did not car if 10,000 Americans would die in the war and call it collateral damage, than they certainly don't care if 3,000 Americans die in the World Trade Center, in the government plot to blow up the World Trade Center and blame it on the Muslims to start war for oil. Don't need to prove the war Iraq is for oil, Iraq has $12 trillion worth of oil. If they wanted to end the war they could divide that 12 trillion between the 25 million Iraq these at a half-million dollars a piece and the war would be over. But the war is not going to be over, until those in power have secured the 12 trillion worth of oil that American needs to survive. Without the Iraqi oil, the American economy will collapse, as we are trillions of dollars in debt and we need to steal from other countries to keep from going bankrupt. The only way you can drive a car for $30,000, is if a man is injured on the job and the government shunts poising gas in his house to kill him. So they don't have to pay the $450 billion for his job injury. You don't need evidence to prove 911 was a inside Job. Just look at how Governments work and look around. That is America and that is how America works. If you don't like, join the Timothean Milita. If we were such civilized people, we would have given back the Indians their land and we would pay back the blacks for their labors. And charge those who beheaded the blacks with murder, along with pharmaceutical companies, for those who died of prescription mold, as there is no statue limitations on murder. The same way the pharmaceutical companies gave Smith pharmaceutical mold until it slowly killed her, they are doing this same thing to the injured worker. When you are injured on the job, they keep increasing your pain medication until your dead or you go back to work and they would rather have you dead, as younger workers can put out more production, than a injured worker on pain medication. If you were to ask the Pentagon, if it was their plan to crash planes into the World Trade Center and blame it on Muslims, so that we can get their $12 trillion worth of oil, they would reply, "if we did, then that information would be classified". The 3,000 dead Americans, are just collateral damage to them. Giuliani said that those people died so that you can go on living the way you are living. America has no oil and we have to kill other people, to get it. I would not hope on the future of ethanol. Using land to grow fuel instead of food will drive up the price of corn, that is used to feed cattle, and food prices will skyrocket. Would the secret police fabricate information on weapons of mass destruction, in the name of national security? Yes. Do we live in the democracy? No. It is supposed to be out system of checks and balances, but the executive branch and the military, are allowed to keep secrets. How can government make intelligent decisions, when all this information is classified? Congress and the judicial branch of government, needs to decide if we need an executive branch of government. When the executive branch of government flies planes into buildings, to blame it on Muslims and pumps poison gas into American homes, then it is a tyranny. Everyone knows that without that $12 trillion with oil, America will go bankrupt. Muslims with $12 trillion would make them the New World power. With it, they could build a military 10 times more powerful than ours. Undoubtedly they would have more volunteers for their army also. If 19 hijackers were behind 911, their faces would show up on security cameras at airports and half of them would not have claimed that they are still alive. The plane that hit the Pentagon, just happened to hit the side of the Pentagon, that had the experimental two inch thick bombproof glass on it. The test was a success, the glass did not break. Unfortunately the building itself cannot handle the impact and it was a surprise that it collapsed. Satellite photos show four aircraft hangars at area 51, that are big enough to house jumbo jets and a landing strip long enough to land these jumbo jets. The hangars and landing strip were built two years prior to 911. Selfridge field employees claimed they had to armed jets, in the air, at the time of the hijacking and military lied about this. A New York firemen, was caught on video saying "I hope the Pentagon knows what they are doing" as he watched the plane fly into the World Trade Center. The supposed phone calls from the airplanes, all fake. There was not any background screaming or talking on those phone calls. If the twin towers really fell down because the planes, then all skyscrapers should be dismantled, because if a plane accidently crashes into it will kill everyone in the building. Especially when they now have a new Jumble jet that can carry 500 people. The World Trade Center was condemned. Engineers said it had to come down because it was too tall. Some 20 floors were added to it, more than what the engineer designed for. Because rich man with egos, wanted to have the tallest building in the world. The Bible predicts that two of the heads, of the three headed government, will destroy the third head. Let's hope it's not the executive branch that destroys the Legistrative branch. The judicial branch should use the courts, to discern truth, make judgment and establish justice. The courts should not be run by criminals, who look for loopholes in the law, legal terms no one understands and gag orders, to stop the truth and let evil flourish. This is what I was teaching on the Internet and this is why they pump poison gas into my house. They fight in wars to protect their way of life, but their way of life, is not the right way of living, and it will eventually destroy the earth and kill everyone on the planet, if somebody don't stop them.

Item #7 is from mold test I did in the house at 7524 Jackson St. Only did one test and it was positive for mold. Item #8 is the mold report from Dr. Mark Banner. I didn't need Mark banner to do any mold testing, as I knew there was mold and wanted to know how to get rid of it. Mark did no destructive investigation to find mold, but he did a few test on the visible mold and found Stachy botrys, Chaetomium, Aspergillus, Penicillium and Cladosporium, Page 7. Mark seen very little mold as most of the mold was hidden under the roof shingles, under the floors and between the siding. I should have taken more picture but at this point I did not think of a Lawsuit. I followed all of the recommendations Dr. banner made and more. It seemed the mold was not out of the house and I was getting sicker. I called Mark Banner back and told him about the mold under the shingles, kitchen floor and siding. Mark suggested the siding be removed and the interior remediate, but that his company does not do exteriors and that they charge $2,500 a day for the interior and it would take 7 to 10 days to sand all wood surfaces indoors. I contact Phil's Pluming and Heating, Item #9. They said there is no need for more testing the house has mold and needs remediate and they were supposed to send me a estimate. I called him back they said they sent one and they would send another, but I never got either. Chemcare came out and gave me a estimate of $20,953.25 to do just the inside and that wiring and furnace would be destroyed in the process, Item #10. I could not believe this guy, I just remediate the house, removed all the visible mold and he says "I dont see any mold". He recommended his mold guy do more testing at $1,500. The mold that needs to get out, is the spores that are spread around and root structure that is in the studs. So I had to do more mold testing as even the mold Guys are skeptics. I had Sherlock Homes Inspection come out to do some air test, Item #11. He tested the basement and the outside air. When we tore off the roof, we put more mold in the environment around the house. The siding has mold growing between it also. So to say you don't have a mold problem, because the outside air has more mold then the inside, is wrong. The Moldy house is bringing up the spore count on the outside. I had a guy remove the debris from the basement and he said a Warren City Inspector came out looked threw the house and said it looked good and was ready for rebuilding. This is scary, because the house is completely contaminated and should be torn down or at least have another $40,000 worth of Remediation done before the rebuild. I don't think its worth it, as the house would only be worth $80,000 to $90,000 if fixed, as it would still have to have mold and lead disclosures. Chemcare said all the hard wood floors have to come out also and mold grows between the hardwood floor and the softwood sub floor. I could see mold on the hard wood floors. The moisture from the basement rises up threw the floor and when it his the polyurethane and waxed hardwood floor, it condensates and breads mold under the waterproof seal. People who have hardwood floors tend to cover them with carpet when they start to get dark and dingy, as it is too expensive to refinish the floor. This should never be done. If its getting dark and dingy there is mold starting to grow. Wood floors should always be refinished to keep mold down to a minimum. If people want carpeting they should either take the hardwood floors out or sand the wax and polyurethane off so that it can breathe and dry. I never knew this until I saw a mold house website where the person was sick and they had a picture of the moldy hard wood floors. The wood was just starting to turn black. No Mold expert even bothers to check for mold in the hardwood floor.

The roofers took off some of the siding on the front of the house, as I repaired it I got deathly ill and went to the emergency room, Item #13. It was hard to breath and what looked like bruises covered my body. I did not even go inside the house I was on the outside. Under the siding was a Wood particle asphalt siding and under that was rotted wood shake shingle. I knew that was infested but did not call a mold guy or take pictures. I put the siding back up to keep it from contaminating the environment. I could spend another $2,000 to prove to you that it's infested, but if you just go over there and remove the siding you can see for yourself. I am trying to get the house on MythBusters so that can investigate and see if they can get the mold out with the Bleach MOLD MYTH. I went threw 5 gallons of bleach and one super concentrated Industrial Bleach that is supposed to make 26 gallons of regular bleach. The emergency room doctor knew less about mold then the emergency room doctors at Fords, Item #12.

Dr. Michael Harbut had given me some blood test and said that I was suffering from a significant amount of mold exposure, Item #14, #15 and #16. I have been complaining that mold has been affecting my health since 2001, when I seen a ENT, Item #17. However, I believe I had Flue like symptoms, and ear infection and a toenail fungal Infection withing the first few months of buying the house and that was the first time in my life I had a ear or toenail fungal infection.

Picture item #18 shows the neighbors house with mold infested Fiberglass Awnings. Fiberglass is a breading ground for mold. It also shows what looks to be white mold on the inside wall, but not tested yet. I have seen White, Grey, Black and Green mold in the hose during Remediation and living there.

Item #19 is the denial from my Insurance company because mold was in the house before I bought it. Marie Wilson the neighbor said the former owner Mary Walls had a major water leak and Insurance claim in the kitchen and moved out of the house before they had to. This is not Hearsay you can call her up and ask her. I believe they moved out because they were sick from mold. I would hire a private investigator to look Mary Walls up, but then I would have to sue for more money.

My Loses are about $5,000 for replacing the roof, trying to get the mold out, mold inspectors ect., Estimate Item #20. I did not have that roofer do the work because he did not want to remove the mold infested boards like Mark Banner suggested. It would have cost far more to get someone to rip off them boards. The Price of the house and my possessions what they were insured for in 1999, Item 21. The money I payed in hotel bills and rent since I had to move out of the house, estiment $11,000. My Medical Bills, this should included giving back medicare for what they payed. I don't see why the City should profit from federal funds obtained by all the sick people form moldy houses. They emergency rooms are making plenty from moldy houses. My health has suffered and I don't know how this will effect me 5 or ten years from not. I feel the mold is in my lungs and might develop into cancer in the future. The technology is not there to detect it now
The mold has caused many health issues. Mold attacks every part in every organ of the body. Although some of the symptoms have cleared up since I moved out of the house, some have not. I still have arthritic, fibromyalgia type pain in my hands knees and back. The pain in my shoulders form my job injuries are probably made worse also by the mold. Though I have not had an ear infection since I moved out of the house, my ears are ringing constantly. I still have chest pain and feel something is growing in my lung that cannot be detected with today's technology. A lawyer I talk to said that I had probably have permanent neurological damage but I have not seen a neurologist as I have known as in my hands and fingers. A hand x-ray shows the bones in my fingers are darkened. I'm still tired all the time and need to down often. I still get eye infections and cough up mucus with mold spores in it if I return to the house. All my teeth are cracked and it has something to do with the housing. The people in trailer parks all have rotted teas and they believe it is from the water are mold traps as the thin walls made of paneling allows condensation and mold growth. The mold experts would not go inside the house without a mold suit and mold mask at first I thought this was ridiculous, but now I can't even see a real estate agent, going over to look at the house, without at least mold mask and eye protection.

I am still waiting for the medical reports from Dr. Brian Young. They said it might take several weeks to get them. I am still trying to locate the ENT I seen In 2001 and Dr. Solomon..

List of Included Exhibits

1 thru 21

1. Message board postings from But2fly 5 pages

2. Emergency room visit St. John hospital and follow-up with Dr. Solomon - eye 10 pages

3. AOL Chat logs 16 pages

4. Roofing permits 1 page

5. Eyecare associates 1 page

6. E-mail from Keldon Reily 1 page.

7. Mold test from January 2005 4 pages

8. Mold report from Mold Free 12 pages

9. Mold inspection from Phil's heating and cooling 1 page

10. Mold cleanup estimate from Chemcare 4 pages

11. Mold air test from Sherlock Holmes inspection 14 pages

12. Emergency room visit Henry Ford hospital 14 pages

13. Emergency room visit St. John hospital - bruising - shortness of breath 8 pages

14. Michael Harbut's letter and blood test results 9 pages

15. Michael Harbut's laboratory reports 6 pages

16. More Harbut's mold reports 10 pages

17. Symptoms 2001 from ENT 2 pages

18. Picture of inside of house showing neighbors mold 1 page

19. State Farm insurance company denial 3 pages

20. Roof estimate 1 page

21. State Farm's insured value 1 page
Copywrite 2005 By Timothy Allen Campbell
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