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PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2009 7:41 pm    Post subject: Mutants Reply with quote

Been awhile. Thought big brother was keeping me out. Tim you were the only member to respond to me in my desperation, and what you said came to be true. Son 's have had ttonsils adenoidsremoved ear tubes painful, brainsurgery ,astocytoma, other son nearly died at Dr. office ,,,after Id showed him /(Dr.) ,papers from mentioning anphatic (sp) shock which he sscoffedoff. Son stopped breathing with blood pressure diving ,he was out for all of 4 min. It was not until I rolled him on his side that he started to come back. He was injected with other meds that did not do a thing other than cause his head to look ike it was about to burst. This is very short as I will become to upset. I went away for sometime only to help my brother with his death ,,found mold around his bedroom window, matastic cancer everywhere. I came back to Virginia to get my kids OUT OF HERE ,only to find courts schools services out to get the guy thats been fighting for right for so long. wife has been compromised brainwashed ,manipulated intimidated and more me too. A growing county and state does not want truth just coverups.Said if father will not sign papers soul costody must be given to mom . They did what they did. If this writing seems off , it is Im dieing again being back here . Id spent months fighting back ,bike riding,living out doors in a tent in the winter,, nice but cold. Lots of time praying and more praying and reading the word. This ccomputeris in another toxic box . its been one after another after another. Guess there is no hope the Home Extreme Makeover group will ever get here or hear of me and mine. Good to see some having a second chance. Im wasting away again ,after spending month working on the CURE , I d like help writing a book about the last several years , but Id need help with that. Ive got alot of burdons on my soul from all this that need to be released before going in peace. Fear for my children keeps me going. Viginia is not what it should be at all. Best to all , keep trying don"t give up. Walk ,ride ,exercize, Get Out of the house maybe out of the country,,,oh thats right thats closed now too. WHO now as of last month mentions indoor enviromental health. Perhaps CDC AMA ARA and others lawyers will have to grow up now and stop destroying their own people. Freedom . oh Freedom . Profit :-? :lol: bee s dieng bats birds ... ... steam release TK keep the faith
Im in the know . Im just attempting to save myself and family from what the medical ,insurance,school,realitors,local and state governments, bussinesses, etc know and don't know but fall far short of there responcablities as Americans in covering up and dispelling as other reasons other than the truth. I would GREATLY like to wake up in Wyoming with all that has and is happening here as something of the past. With a new begining . We I feel are like modern day lepers. Prayers
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 11, 2009 2:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


I am so sorry you are going through such an ordeal. Unfortunately I wasn't available when you needed assistance. Please private message me and send me your phone number so I can call you. It appears you could use some assistance.

The Mold Help Organization
The information on this website is strictly layman's advice and should not be construed as professional information. For more information, please view our online resources at,, and before posting your question. Additionally, for a small donation we can call you for assistance. See front page of for more information.
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