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Sick and getting worse.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2006 7:46 am    Post subject: Sick and getting worse. Reply with quote

I am still messing around with this moldy house and its making me sicker and sicker.

I wish I would have burned it down when I first spotted the mold. Going to prison for few years for burning down a house, is better then suffering.

If the City, State and Federal Government, did not want everyone burning down their houses, they would have came up with a plan.

I called Environmental Health and talked to a toxicologists. She said you don't have to burn down your house, if you can get a Doctor to claim your allergic to Mold, they will clean your house.

This is like saying, if your willing to admit, mold is not Toxic to humans, its only toxic to people are allergic to it, that they will clean your house, but they go on in Denial, that mold can affect other peoples health.

They really do not care if other people get sick from the moldy house, they will claim it only makes you sick, because your allergic to mold. They do not realize, that the way people become allergic to mold, is by living in a moldy house. So the main health problem Mold can cause, is it can make people allergic to mold, who were not allergic to it, before they moved into a Moldy Environment. These people try to make it look like your were allergic to mold at birth, by one of God's mistakes.

Well forget the 50 million I was suing for my heart palpitations, 12 years of anxiety, ear, lung and eye infections, arthritic pain, and nerve damage. If I am Allergic to mold, then I want 100 Million for the Cities Policy, that made me allergic to it. For the City says mold causes no harm, but Indeed I was not allergic to mold until I was exposed for long periods, to mold.

It's time for a revolution. An Army of one. Every man can be a soldier for Christ and serve his fellow man. Our men joined the military because they were brainwashed into believing Saddam was a evil man. They were willing to kill, die and even go to prison in a enemy camp, for you and me. Who is willing to kill, die and go to prison to spare the people who will be sick from mold, because of Lawmakers and Lawyers, who would rather die in a revolution, then care about their fellow man.

I sent the City Lawyer several pages of my suffering and facts about five thousand children a year dying from Asthma which main cause is mold in the home and of my suffering. All the Lawyers cared about, was how the City cannot be sued. He wanted me to drop my Lawsuit that was designed to spare the lives of thousands. He said you can't sue us, we are the City. I could not believe this guy. I was thinking of asking him, how much prison time, at taxpayer expense, I would do for burning down my House in self defense, because my house is killing me? I don't like to do prison time, so I was wondering how many Lawyers would I have to kill, to get the death penalty? What's the maximum number of Lawyers you can kill, without getting off on a mental? This is not a Threat, I am just looking at my options. I have two shoulder injuries from Jobs. The only regret I have, is that I did not kill a Lawyer after my first shoulder injury. If I would have, I might be in prison or even got the death penalty, but nothing is worse then having two shoulder injuries. To think of all those people injured on the Job after me, just because I was afraid to kill a lawyer, when we are not even here to work, food grows on trees.

As a man who saw God, I would say that the US prison system is full of prisoners of Christ war. When Christ returns, they will be released. Satan Controls the whole earth. That's why you see streets and Buildings. When Satan's Kingdom is overthrown, Vegetation will grow up threw the cracks of the streets and sidewalks. Vegetation is food.

The world is not in God's power. Satan Killed Jesus, remember? So he can rule the earth. Buildings, streets and Houses are of Satan's Making The Antichrist builds Cities of Delusion out of mens blood. One day we will run out of fuel. Hydrogen cars are a pipe dream as it takes Five gallons of gas to make one gallon of Hydrogen. Even if we found a 500 year supply of oil in the US, what will China, Russia and Europe do when they are out of oil? Will we give them our supply or will they have to kill us to take it?

The foundation of the End of the world is set. China is now being addicted to the Automobile. Like a crack dealer who gets everyone in the neighborhood addicted to crack and then runs out, suddenly gets mobbed by the 5,000 crack addicts demanding crack. That's our future.

It used to be the strongest man ruled. Then the man with the biggest club ruled. Next it was the sword, the biggest gun. He who has the biggest bombs rules the world for now, but the wisest man will rule in the end as the fools build their city of doom.

If you do end up becoming a Soldier for Christ and end up killing the careless ones, don't tell them I told you to do it. Say it was the son of Sams dog, that told you to do it. You would be surprised how many fools believe a dog talked to Son of Sam. Manson is a good one to blame too. Manson told me to burn down my house, give him another 30 years. Bin Laden did not tell me to do it, the dog talked to me, I mean the Camel.
Copywrite 2005 By Timothy Allen Campbell
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