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Is This Mold-Related?

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 16, 2006 6:36 am    Post subject: Is This Mold-Related? Reply with quote

I'm going to sound crazy, but I don't know where else to ask. Forgive the length.

Within the past week and a half, I've experienced symptoms very similar to "Morgellans disease," except the thread-like fibers do not originate from my skin; they seem to come from my carpets, towels, etc. (Actually, they are EVERYWHERE.) For the first few days, they practically stood "on end" and waved in the wind (only there was no wind). When I passed my hand over them, they reacted as if electrified. They (or SOMETHING) got on my scalp and seemed to eat my hair, changing the texture and making it fuzzy. My skin texture has become dry and wrinkled with little red dots where the "fibers" have entered. I've found little wadded-up bunches of them, like Morgellans describes. AND, these fibers, which look like cat hair, appear to "jump" onto my body and sting as they begin to burrow into my skin. It feels like I've bumped into a cactus plant.

My doctor quickly diagnosed "scabies," but I know that's not what I have. I can't appropriate "Morgellans," because nothing's comin' out of me; it's all exterior - my house, my porch, my garage. I cannot figure it out and am, consequently, about to blow my brains out. I can't walk through my house without getting stinging bites. OK. Here's when you "commit" me. I've also noticed a lot of damage to my wooden furniture, picture frames, etc. and I swear it looks like these "fibers" are eating the wood, too!

I live in Florida; my house is two years old; I've just exterminated for an ant and then a clothes moth infestation; I wasn't aware of any water leaks or damage until I started looking tonight and noticed some peculiar changes in some ceiling corners, which I'll check more thoroughly tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm experiencing many of the physical symptoms associated with Morgellans, am sleeping on my couch, am preparing to tear out my carpeting, throw out all my linens and wash every single item I own.

HAS ANYONE EVER HEARD OF THREATENING, PISSED-OFF, CARNIVOROUS MOLD SPORES??? Or does this sound more like parasites or insects?

I'd be forever grateful for any advice, guidance or psychotherapy anyone can offer.

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