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Mold In Cheyenne, WY

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, 2006 2:50 am    Post subject: Mold In Cheyenne, WY Reply with quote

In September we had rented an apartment for October 1 move-in. We began cleaning and painting the place on Sept. 22. We began in the bathroom, no window, or fan. That evening my wife started throwing up. Little did we know that this would turn into a nightmare from the depths of hell itself! At first we thought maybe the fumes from the paint we were using made her ill, so the next day we started on one of the bedrooms opened the window and turned on the fan. Sure enough, no vomiting. The next day or so, we moved into the living room. I finished the walls and ceiling & she proceeded to pull up the carpet in one corner of the room to paint the moulding at floor level. When she did this we found the cause of her being sick. The entire bottom of the carpet was covered in black mold. We were planing on tearing out the carpet by the front door so that we could put tile down, so she cut the corner off and threw it away. Seven days after we started painting, September 29 to be exact, she wound up in the hospital severely dehydrated, almost zero potassium level, almost constant vomiting, dizzy, etc., etc. The hospital gave her two IV's of potassium piggy-back. We continued moving in, not knowing what was causing her illness. As she continued being ill, me becoming ill & even our dog getting sick we started thinking about the mold we discovered under the corner of the rug. We knew that in high enough deposits it could make people sick, but we thought it was confined to that corner. We tore up more of the carpet, and what did we find? The bottom of almost all the carpet had some degree of infestation. It turns out that there had been a water leak in the bathroom wall in April, which had not been repaired until about June. So, we removed the rug, scrubbed the entire cement floor with pure bleach, opened the access panel into the pipes in the wall and sprayed in there as well. We HAD notified the LandLord about the problem and he called us crazy and liars. He has since started an eviction process on us because after paying Octobers rent, and not being reimbursed for any of the paint, or tiles, as he had promised to do, or fixing the light in the living room, or having the kitchen sink cleaned out, we decided that we would cease paying rent. We informed him of this and told him that besides all of the foregoing, we held him responsible for my wifes doctor bills, now totaling about $6500 and any amount it would cost us to relocate. He messed up on the paperwork for the eviction so we still have another month. From everything I have learned the damage caused by the mold to our health is irreversible, especially at our ages, she is 61, I'm 54. So this stuff will proberly kill us!

This is all occurring in the Capitol of WY, Cheyenne. On the west side of town.
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