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Mold In Apartment?!

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 28, 2006 2:31 pm    Post subject: Mold In Apartment?! Reply with quote

Please excuse the length of this posting but i thought i'd give out as much info as possible from the beggining while waiting for my verfication email so i am just copy n pasting from Word. Thank you.

Hello I’m new here. Currently my parents and I are living in a rented apartment in Connecticut. We have been here for probably close to 20 years in this same house. From what I recall, since moving in the owner was aware of a “leaky” roof and tried patching it up via using that stuff that is somewhat like what it used for covering up potholes, etc. But as we all know mold doesn’t wait to start living and if a leaky roof is not fixed ASAP it becomes a problem. So here we are many years later and I’ve been very sick for a good 2-3 years now. I am always tired even if I sleep over the usual 8 hours of sleep it doesn’t help. Have almost daily dizzy spells and feel “buzzed/drunk” all the time especially in large open areas such as near water or even just walking outside. I also have headaches almost every day, can’t focus nor remember things even for a few minutes time it seems sometimes, have somewhat serious fatigue issues to the point that if I’ve done anything earlier in the day or I was having a “bad day” as I like to call them I can just go up the 3 flights of stairs into our apartment and my legs are in pain which for my age (28) is just a joke especially since I’m not overweight, etc. Also I have a constant 100.5-101 body temperature which from some research I found out that it can be caused from a serious allergy such as the mold and thus my body always runs a “fever”. I have seen an “expert” who did find that I am allergic to mold and dust mites. I have a lot of other symptoms too but unfortunately my lack of focus makes it hard for me to remember at this moment. Back to the house. My room is the worst in the whole house. When its 80 outside it feels like 100 in here and ALWAYS a stuffy feeling that gives me a headache almost immediately when I get home and walk into my room if the large house fan isn’t on. In the summer when its cold you just about feel the temperature difference right as you walk into the room or leave the room. Our owner short of a better word is a ahole and cheap. He once tried to fix a broken garage window made from glass with elmers glue. Yes I said elmers glue like for kids and paper projects. He also likes to fix “problems” by painting over them which he initially did when we moved in to cover up the leaky roof ie the marks on the ceiling which eventually came back slightly a eventually after we moved in. About a year ago or so he had the roof “fixed” by removing the outside of the roof and just putting a new outside roof part on and not even touching what’s exactly under the outside of the roof. At that time the company he had hired (cheapest one he can find) started doing the work and covered it with a tarp and then it rained very heavily and leaked into different parts of the house. Apparently they didn’t put on the tarp correctly. Either way. When going down the stairs in the front you can see the wet marks all way down to the 1st floor. We did overhear him once when he had we assume an insurance guy come by saying he’ll get his sons to put huge fans to dry it off, etc. Never happened just like most things involving the owner and actual non paint over repairs. So now I can’t even go through the front because the air literally makes my “condition” even worse because of the thick like feeling air. And as expected I lost my point. But I did get a air sample done with a kit I bought off of ebay just to see what’s what because we didn’t really have money for a inspector, etc. Because of my room being the worst my mom ended up doing the test since she isn’t as sick feeling as me and did the outlined procedure that came with the kit mainly around the roof area since it’s obviously in that area mostly. I am including a picture of the results. We have tried to see a lawyer, etc. and he just said that those results could be from another location, etc. and he just recommended moving out. Problem is I don’t know if this sickness will ever go away and not to mention he will just come here after we move out and just paint over the leaks and get another “sucker” in here because he just keeps raising the rent and never doing any actual repairs. Please give me any suggestions because I can’t deal with feeling like this anymore especially since it feels like its getting worse! Thank you for listening.

PS: Short of some “wet” spots on the ceiling there isn’t any extremely visible mold in the apartment so I’m assuming it’s under the roof directly and above the ceiling.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 01, 2006 5:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

get out.

Call sserveral News compays to do your story.

See a Toxicologist or Envirnmental Medicine.
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