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Future mold?

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 9:44 pm    Post subject: Future mold? Reply with quote

This is probably not the place to ask this question but I live in a multilevel house with the 1st floor level with the driveway which is level with the street and we have had so much snow it is piled high all over and now the temps are 50 degrees and above and will remain so for the week plus we are going to have rain Wednesday, Thurs. nite, and Fri nite and the town has not opened the storm drains. I keep calling and they keep saying they are going to do it and never do. There is a lot of water at the end of the driveway now and as I live on a main highway I have tried going out there to sweep away some of the water but keep getting buried with dirty splashes from the cars and gave up. I can't locate the exact place the drain is either. It is in front of my neighbors house and he claims he is not sure exactly where it is. I can not dig out in front of his whole house esp. with the water build up and the cars.

I am scared the very dirty water from the very dirty snow is going to come in my driveway and into my first floor which is carpeted and has paneling on the walls. Everyone knows what would happen then.

What can I do? Any suggestions would be appreciated. My driveway is wet now and I am hoping it is from the snow melt off my stone walls on each side of the driveway and not from the street. Hard to tell. If the driveway does look like it is filling up would the fire department come out and suck the water up before it comes in the house. I live in MA and our town was always good about keeping the storm drains open. I don;t know what happened but they don't care anymore and I don't know how to force them to do it. You should see the tons of filthy snow along the road.

Thank you for any input. I don't have flood insurance and I am sure that the insurance company would not pay for any clean up and forget the town paying for anything. We have paid out too much for mold remediation already and there is nothing left. I don't know where to go for help.
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